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If you have a data center relocation project and are looking for professional server movers, you have found your vendor. Server-Moving.com is a team of invested professionals who have a deep understanding of the scope of work, data, and all of the investments involved in relocating a data center or servers.

Server-Moving.com, founded in 2001, is a nationally recognized industry provider who provides nationwide IT moving solutions. More often than not, our clients say we have exceeded expectations, just review our clients page.

Server-Moving.com integrates our team of dedicated and exceptionally capable IT professionals who understand the many aspects that need to be considered when moving and migrating servers, DC’s, all sensitive IT Equipment. We offer nothing less than focus driven service, which is why our company motto is “Focus Matters”.

Our Server Moving teams are all dedicated to your project. We inspect, prepare, and execute all data center relocations. This includes all phases of the relocation; we even transport your equipment in our own dedicated vehicles!

There is a lot on the line for everyone involved in moving servers and like equipment, so rest well knowing we have the education, proven experience, observant staff, and many layers of insurances to cover your server moving project; no matter the scope! Server-Moving.com understands that your equipment may have been spun up for a period of time, and contains sensitive data and software. We take extra measures to protect you, your company, investors, and assets!

No single relocation project is alike. Each has their own obstacles with logistics, maintenance windows, resources, and requirements. With over a decade of providing proven focus driven service, and a combined staffing knowledge of hundreds of years, we continue to be the vendor or choice in this specialty industry!

Breathe easier knowing you have partnered with the server, and data center relocation experts backed by a client proven history. Server-Moving.com compliments peace of mind with exceptional value!